Online Business Cast Study – How I Launch My First Info Product

Hi, how have you been? This month is pretty good for me. I took a big break for everything and had a good trip in Germany & Austria. Since 2011, this is the first trip that I didn’t bring any online work stuffs and laptop along during the trip. I just bought only iPhone & iPad with me for checking stats and reports. As you might already know that I wanted to check if my online business was truly “Passive Income” or not. Well, I’ll cover these details in my upcoming income report. So please stay tuned! 🙂

The below picture is the beautiful view from Heidelberg, Germany. I photographed this picture from the palace, which located up on the hill. So you could see all wide area of this city. Do you believe? I walked almost 9 hours, just in the old town and along the river. The weather was very fresh, the sky was so clear and I had a lot of fun on this trip, including meeting many travelers from around the world. After I came back to Bangkok from this trip. I realized how I met many friends and how I had more time to do everything I want.


So I think it is time to move forward & faster with my online business. Well, don’t get me wrong! I’m not going to work 80 hours per week and make a lot of money. That’s crazy and it’s not the good way to do online business. I’m thinking about leverage the people’s time by outsourcing and the VA. You might want to check out these books, Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker and Never Work Again by Erlend Bakke, that I’ve read and really like all ideas in these books. Anyway, if I want to hire someone to be my permanent VA. I need to make more steady income stream and need to grow my online business by myself first, then move on to the next level. I hope that I could do this by next year.

Today I wanted to provide all details on a first info product case study that I was successfully launched this month.  As I mentioned this info product around 1-2 months ago, I’ve written a new eBook, “Passive Income With eBook”, Thai Language, targeted all levels of people who want to make their passive income stream through Amazon Kindle & Create Space. This post is all about this experience, what I learned from it what you can learn from it also.

So, let’s see how I did and launched my first info product!


Creating My First Info Product

I have been thinking for quite some time that I really want to release my first ‘info product’. You know? Making my first info product is so freaking fun! You might wonder what info products are. Well, let me explain in the easy way, info products or informational products are digital products or digital goods as explained below.

Digital goods or e-goods are intangible goods that exist in digital form. In electronic commerce, digital goods is a term used to describe any goods that are stored, delivered, and used in electronic format. Digital goods can be obtained through e-mail or downloaded online. Examples include digital media, such as e-books, downloadable music, internet television and streaming media; fonts and graphics; digital subscriptions; online ads (as purchased by the advertiser); internet coupons; electronic tickets; online casino tokens; electronically traded financial instruments; downloadable software and mobile apps; cloud-based applications and online games; and virtual goods used within the virtual economies of online games and communities. Digital goods have promoted a greener way of living. Using e-books instead of conventional paper books may help to reduce the amount of paper used on a global scale.


So, you understand what info products are, right? Since I started self-publishing eBooks on kindle market and print-on-demand books by Create Space. I haven’t found any Thai Language resources to make me understand and get started in kindle eBook business, mostly I found only English language resources that helps people around the world to starting their own kindle eBook business. So I decided to take ACTION and launch my own info products, “Passive Income With eBook”, Thai Language, in the PDF eBook format.

Almost 2 months, I’ve been written and developed this eBook with very good contents and include everything I’ve learned and experienced by myself from the self-publishing business. The point is monetizing your expertise or existing idea into information products could be changing your life.

Set up e-Commerce Website

                I might not go down in detail how to setup e-Commerce Website & Landing Page from scratch in case you are completely beginner. I’m sure that you could find all detail how to set up a website over the internet, or you know how to setup a website using WordPress. You might check out my book to get started creating your first website. Anyway, I will guide you to all the resources I’ve used to create this e-Commerce website, as details below.

First, you need a domain name & web hosting to get started. This would be easy if your website is based on WordPress Platform. Because all plugins and theme that I’ve been using is required for WordPress Platform.

I usually register a domain name with Godaddy and NameCheap. These companies have a great customer support, easy to configure and affordable price for all services. For web hosting, HostGator offers a one click installation for WordPress if you get stuck with starting.

I have found Premium WordPress Themes from Genesis Framework to be an excellent theme and framework. They offer an affordable price for themes and framework, which SEO friendly, easy to customization and a great customer support.

I’ve been integrating my info product with 3 payment systems, direct deposit detail from the local banks, Gum Road for credit card payment and JVZoo for Paypal Payment and also affiliate system. These payment systems are superb of many capabilities, easy to create and sell your own info products, automatically send your product to customers over email. This step took me almost 3 days to finish everything and ready for launching day.

Info Product’s Sales Results

So let’s start here — I didn’t expect anything much for the sales results. I just wanted to learn a new experience in the online business world. And I would be happy if it made a $500 – $1,000 during the first week of it launched and made more money during its lifetime.

So, here are the results as at the time of writing (first 5 days after launching day):

Copies sold: 61

Gross sales: $1159

Affiliate commission: $123.50

Net sales: $1035. 5

As a result of the launch on 21th April and first week of the launch period until today, it’s already over 100% of my target. So let’s say I’m quite happy with my first info product has gone!

Final Thought

This is the first time that I’ve created my “own product”. And I really want to say this again “Making my first info product is so freaking fun!” 🙂 So before see you next week, I really want to say thank you for all of your support, please stay tuned for the next update on this blog. I appreciate all you guys, wish you all the best and see you next post!

Cheers! 🙂

About the Author Raweewan M

Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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  • Really amazing result RM! I was waiting for this post regarding your info product and the results are great. Congrats!

  • Good job! Congrats for your success. I’m going to order one!

  • Hey RM,

    Very inspiring. I too am in the process of creating a product but I was wondering what did you do to market it? Selling over 60 copies of your product just after 5 days is impressive. How did you do it? Thanks and keep up the good work! =)

    Keep inspiring,

    • Hi Warren,
      I was promoting with my facebook account, my friends, blog’s review from affiliate marketer and some cool marketing techniques from affiliate marketers. I have 2 blog, English and Thai blog for now. I hope this could help.

      • Hi Raweewan

        Thanks for the reply and helpful advice. When you say Facebook account, I’m assuming your fan page, or your profile page? As far as techniques from affiliate marketers, are talking about them promoting it for you? If so, how do you get affiliates to promote them for you? Do you also use Facebook ads and other PPC methods to generate traffic to your product? Thanks.

        Keep inspiring,

        • Well, as this product is Thai version, so I promote via my profile page and I’m in a group of affiliate marketers. So I’m posting this post in the group and ask them to promote my product with high commission. I didn’t use any facebook ads or PPC at all. I hope this would help. 🙂

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you saying that your book sells for $19? If so, it makes your sales even more impressive, as a first product!

    • Yes correct, Nicholas. My book sells for $19 in another eCommerce website. And I have plan for another info product this year if I can do it, which include eBook & eClass. 🙂





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