How To Do Simple Market Research For Kindle eBooks

Hi, how have you been? Last week, I just published my first income report of January & February. I hoped you enjoy the report. I found that this report really helps me to focus for main projects each month. This month, all projects are going pretty well, “Passive Income with Amazon Kindle THAI Version” and “New Niche Site”. I will update detail these projects with the next income report. So please stay tuned!

I’ve talked a lot about building “Passive Income” with any kind of projects, for me, I’ve chosen niche sites and self-publishing for this year. It’s a subject I’m super passionate and I love to do it. However, building these projects needs a lot of effort, time, passion and mindset.

Today I will go down the details on the topic “How To Do Simple Market Research For Your Kindle eBook” This post is part of my latest epic tutorial, “How to Become a Self-Publishing with Amazon Kindle”.

OK, let’s jump into this topic!

Simple Market Research for Your Kindle eBook

Deciding which angle to take with your eBook(s) requires more than just knowing your subject matter. If you are an expert on any subject, for example cake decorating, dog training and etc., You may have found the perfect niche market for your talent!

The easiest way to discover how your content will rank in a niche-marketing focused sales platform is to simply search for what already exists, and see if there is room for one more! The simple market research steps for your eBook are included:

  • Online with your Amazon account, at
  • Search the Kindle Store for the content, keyword or niche market you are considering.
  • All you have to do is enter “your niche market”, for example “dog training” and watch the results unfold.
simple market research

simple market research

  • This process works for any subject and so does the result: Check out the amazon best sellers rank for each eBook in this niche market, up to 2-3 eBooks.


  • If the number is lower than #25, 000 for every eBook results, or results under #100, 000 for some, this niche market has potential for profitability.

simple-market-research3The Bestsellers are ranked according to their listing, and will indicate the approximate number of that title sold each day. A lower number indicates that this book is more selling. But you need to check that the other bestseller books in this category are selling too. Certainly upon reading the ranking, and the estimation of eBooks sold each day, you can do the math of total eBooks sold, how much per eBook and the passive income that results from the sale. It really does work! All you have to do is find your niches and topics, and get started.

How The Sale Rank Tell US:

#1,000 = 100 – 300 copies per day.

#5,000 = 10 – 30 copies per day.

#10,000 – #25000 = 1-10 copies per day.

#100,000 = close to 1 copy per day.

These are rough estimates from  If there are already 100,000 eBooks focused on “dog training”, the niche is no longer a niche – by definition – it is a category. Creating content that fills a void and develops a niche market is more successful in the eBook marketing world than those that simply add to the catalog. This is very important to consider when the goal is to create passive income – not pile your eBook onto the shelf with all the others and hope to be discovered.

As mentioned previously, fulfilling a niche should coincide with your abilities. Things like fitness and weight loss are always hot sellers, as are tips on making money, how-to guides and even ways to save money in your home to do it yourself approaches to health and happiness.

Creating an eBook requires more than sitting down at your computer and hoping inspiration pours out. It requires research, proofreading, editing and a culmination of a physically clean and easy to read eBook resulting from your hard work. Your first eBook will absolutely take longer than your second (or third or fourth), but it is important that you remain dedicated to the procedure, so you know exactly what to do the next time you are ready to publish new content. Let’s get started with your eBook, and get you on the path to a “Passive Income”.

Final Thought

Before you get started with writing your first book, the most important thing is finding the profitable niche market. I suggest you do a market research for your first book. And, I want to thank you for all of your support, please stay tuned for the next post in this tutorial and next update on this blog. I appreciate all you guys, wish you all the best and see you next week!

Cheers! 🙂

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