Self-Publishing Journey With Amazon Kindle: How and Why?

Every blog post and epic tutorial, I like to talk to you first my friends, I like to update what’s going on with my life and my online business stuffs. This month, everything is going pretty well for me. Since the starting of this blog, I’ve been reading a lot from many bloggers, writing almost every day and listening almost all episodes from Pat Flynn’s Podcast. It’s something that I’m really happy to do it. Before I started the journey of self-publishing and this blog. I was never been happy with my projects. I just did these projects and hoped for a lot of money. I felt like I was trapped with a get-quick-rich-scheme. I’ve changed my mind since I was listening with Pay Flynn’s Podcast about “Passive Income”. First thing, you have to believe that you can do it and change your mindset. There are many projects that related with “Passive Income”. All you need to do is pick one and do it. THAT’S IT!

This post is part of my latest epic tutorial, “How to Become a Self-Publishing with Amazon Kindle”. I will tell you about “Get Started with Self-Publishing Journey”

OK, let’s jump into the details!

Get Started with Self-Publishing Journey: A Rough-Guide

I just knew that I love writing. I usually write at evening before I go back home from my office or in the Starbucks or cafés on the weekend afternoon. Sometime, I feel relaxed when I’m writing. I discovered KDP last year while I was decided the specific online project to pick. You can start writing your first book, self-publishing and sell your book on KDP. It’s quite easier than I thought.

If you don’t have your documents or your first book to publish by now, don’t worry. I will guide you through a rough-guide that you need to complete before publish your book. The rough-guide, that I will cover, is included.

How to Write Your First Book

This is your first book. I want you to research what is your expertise or ideas to become your first book. You can find that below might be your ideas for your first book.

  • Your Hobby – for example fishing, travelling, yoga and etc.
  • Your Expertise – for example, how to write a fiction book and a non-fiction book, how to create mobile application, how to do excel, how to programming language and etc.
  • Your Passions – for example freelance, business, and etc.
  • Your Family and Friends – for example how to make your kid happy, how to make your family happy and etc.
  • Trends – for example hottest news, website trends, hottest seasonal and etc.

See, right? There are plenty of ideas for your first book.

How to Publish Your First Book

After you’ve done writing and editing your first book. The next step is included.

Create A KDP Account

There are many self-publishing platform in the world. But the most profitable marketplace is Kindle Direct Publishing. Currently, there are around a million Kindle eBooks in kindle marketplace. It seems a lot of eBooks in this marketplace, but TRUST ME! There have been always a chance for you to publish and sell your book. So you need to create your KDP account, simply go to this URL:, and fill-in your account information. More detail will come later in this tutorial.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing

Format Your First Book

You need to format your document before upload into KDP system. Details will include in the upcoming post of this tutorial. Or you can find detailed here.

Upload Your First Book into KDP System

You need to know how to upload your first book into KDP system. Details will include in the upcoming post of this tutorial. Or you can find detailed here.

Promotional Methods to Sell More Books

I recommend you enroll your first book into the KDP Select program while you upload your book into KDP System. So you can benefit from promotional tools that KDP Select program has offered to you. Promotional tools are included Kindle FREE Days and Kindle Countdown Deals that I’ll go down in detail in the upcoming post of this tutorial. Or you can find details here.

Final Thought

In the world of self-publishing, there are a few things that you need to learn. If this is your first book. The most important thing is writing. You need to come up with some ideas and outlines your first book. Then you need an attractive cover, well-formatting, great keywords and great book descriptions. This is starting point of our journey. There are more to come. But if you’ve been published your book and this is your next book. So you’ve experienced this journey. The next step is finding your profitable niche market for your next book. I recommend you build your brand or your expertise through your series of books.

You can be a writer and become a bestseller from your book, just get started publishing your book today and make money with your book. The more you write, the more money will come, TRUST ME! No question and DO it today. Please stay tuned for the upcoming post in this tutorial. See you next week! And please share your comment below.

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