How To Become A Self-Publishing With Amazon Kindle

Hi there! I’m sure that this post will be on a weekend for most of time zones around the world. At the time of writing this post is Saturday afternoon, Bangkok local time. Actually, I want to publish blog post every Monday. But I can’t do it, due to my current a 9-5 job and online business stuffs. I managed my time around 2-3 hours each day to do my online business stuffs, for example, writing books, building websites, outsourcing some tasks, publishing a new blog post, creating mobile apps and etc. So I have to focus for more productive with each project. People around me, they really wanted to have an extra money from their part-time job or started their own business. That’s why I start to build this blog. I want you to do something that really matters for yourself. I want you to work for yourself. I want you to think about “Passive Income”.

My nice site is ranking consistency #3-4 in the first page of Google. Below is traffics from Google Analytics tools. There are 851 unique visitors, with 40-50 visitors each day. Most visitors are from the US. The result is pretty cool, right? Last two months, I got around $20 – $25 from Amazon Affiliate. But this month, niche site is started ranking #3-4 in Google around in the middle of this month, I got around $40 from Amazon Affiliate. So wait and see for the result of this month.

niche site traffices
niche site traffices

If you can remember from the last post. Every project, which I’m working on, is related with “Passive Income”, including Self-Publishing, Mobile Applications, Niche websites, eClass and my own blog.

Today, I’ll talk about new epic tutorial, “How to Become a Self-Publishing with Amazon Kindle”. The topics, that I will cover, are included.

  • How To Become A Self-Publishing
  • What’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and How Does It Work?
  • How To Do Market Research For Your Books
  • How To Write Your First Book
  • How To Format & Upload Your Book into KDP system
  • Promotional Methods To Sell More Books

Below are the links to all posts of this project, A self-Publishing With Amazon Kindle:

OK, let’s see what’s inside this project first

What is Self-Publishing and Why?

Kindle Direct Publishing
Kindle Direct Publishing

You can make money with your own contents, your blog posts, your documents or even your book. If you think you cannot write. Sometime you do not need to write the book yourself, you can find the profitable niche market and hire someone to write your book for you. But it would be great if you can write your first book, get it done, self-publish and sell your book. That’s really great, right?

Mobile devices are growing lately, these include mobile applications and eBooks. And Amazon Kindle is right now the most profitable eBook store. So I suggest you start your first self-publish an eBook with the KDP. For more details about KDP here:

The Reasons and Benefits of Self-Publish Your Book

  • It’s about “Passive Income”. You can earn your royalties from the first day your book is lived.
  • It’s easy to self-publish your book, even you are a complete beginner. You have to put a lot of effort to write your first book and get it done. But it is worth to try. So let’s do it!

Disadvantage of Self-Publish

  • It’s true that you have to take a lot of effort, when you first write your first book. And there is no magical button to press once, then your fist book is finished within overnight.
  • If you think you can earn much money from a single eBook. You have to rethink again. If you want to make more money, you have to write more books.

Self-Publishing Resources

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