6 Ways On How Magically Engage Your Readers

This is a guest post by Harshajyoti Das.  What you write makes you. Your readers know you through your words. Writing isn’t only about typing, designing, formatting, publishing, promoting and forgetting it gradually. Having passed an era when writing was an aesthetic measure of the social man, writing was not time bound by strict deadlines. There was no access to uncountable words penned down by others from different corners of the world. How did they manage to write and still engage their readers without any major marketing strategy? Indeed time was different and social needs were different as well.


Today, writing has become the survival weapon for many artists. With plummeting competition in the sphere of blogging or copywriting the age requires not just creative writers but smart authors. Hence, engaging your reader to become your fan is your most important concern while you write.

Create the tension

A good writer will always emotionally engage your reader. Sometimes, an introvert writer is shy to express openly what they think. If you are an introvert you should know that making friends through your writing will help you open up gradually. It will not only help your readers understand you, but you never know when you find readers of your like mind.

Identify with your readers

When your reader reads you, he should know that you are voicing for them and you are their exact words which they think of. Identifying with your reader is really engaging and fulfilling as you get to discover the people around you when you write and this motivates the reader to feel more confident as well. Life, for instance, you write for the marginalized and identify with their thoughts and daily lives. This can be really inspiring for the fellow reader who feels that it is through you that they can be known to the world. Share your vulnerabilities, weakness and dislikes show that they are not the only ones who allergic to certain things, even you are like them and hence, it’s natural.

Respect the time reader’s time

An open gratitude towards your followers is always welcome. When you write, you should sometimes be grateful for their devotion towards you for having spent their time and even providing feedback to you. Polls and surveys are also good methods of engagement.

Prioritize your followers

Not only engagement, but also an acknowledgement of your reader on a personal note is definitely a decent etiquette of a writer. If you take the effort to know your reader personally, giving them their space to express their opinions about you and even providing with honest criticisms, that can really provide you with good mentors from the crowd. It not only makes you a humble writer, but also impresses the reader who admires who good personality.

You can’t impress everyone

Not every community of readers will make you their epitome of inspiration. If your set of readers is limited try focusing on them. Just as we can’t have everyone as our best friends, so also, your perspectives can’t be acceptable to everyone.

Surprise your reader with innovations

Innovation in any field is the key to the high-end state-of-the-art technology or scientific experiments. Innovation is a necessity in today’s writing platform as well. With every new creative piece you set a new trend and benchmark of expectation for your writer to analyze you. Don’t let your readers down.

Be a loyal writer, a loyal friend when you type. There’s a crowd out there waiting to read you, but it’s in your hands to decide if you want your reader to just read you remember you for a lifetime.

About the author:

Harshajyoti-DasHarshajyoti Das is the Co-Author of “70 Secrets Revealed: How To Write Content That Converts 600% More”.

He is the CEO at Munmi.org, a company that helps small businesses with SEO, Social Media marketing, and Reputation  Management. He also gives advices on Internet marketing & Entrepreneurship in his blog FireYourMentor.com.

 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jr_sci

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHarshajyotiDas

 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/104537692815488478033

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