Since my website was created and there was no resources page information. So I though this resources page would be helpful for you or anyone that come to my website and want to know all resources that I usually used for all my online business, blogging, kindle publishing and much more in the future. I would recommend that you should bookmark this page for your reference and easy to come back here. Thanks and Enjoy!!!

Disclosure:  I want you to know that some of the links below are affiliate links, that no additional cost AT ALL, there are some commissions that I will earn if you decide to make a purchase through these links. As fairly speak that I have tested, experienced and used all of these products. And all these products are useful so I recommend them, not from the commission at all. Please make sure that you do need these products, which they will help your business in any way, before spend any money to purchase them.


  • WordPress: The #1 CMS for Blogging, Free, easy to use and easy to customize, all my websites use WordPress.
  • Genesis Themes: This is the WordPress theme and framework that my websites use. Genesis Themes provide all SEO options, easy to customize and easy to use. You can put any ads and piece of codes where ever you want with ease.


  • Hostagor: Right now my websites are absolutely run on Hostgator. This hosting are easy to use, affordable price, fast and very best customer support and easy for WordPress installation. If you are new with hosting and websites, I would recommend this hosting for your first blogs or websites.

Information Product Marketplace

  • Clickbank: The most popular marketplace for digital products nowadays, comes with efficiency affiliate program that anyone can apply for their products.
  • JVZoo: Another popular marketplace for digital products also comes with affiliate program that you can apply for your products.
  • Paypal is convenient for buyers and sellers who want to buy another’s products and sell their own products. All you need to do is apply for Paypal account and integrate with above marketplace.

Keyword Research

  • Market Samurai: The first paid tool for keyword research that I’ve tested and used. This tool comes with great tutorial and some trial periods.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool: This tool replaces old Adword Keyword tool that I’ve used before. I’m sure that this tool will help you decided which keywords to use for your Adwords campaigns.

Email Subscriptions & Marketing

  • Aweber: If you want to move your business to the next-level with email marketing, e-mail newsletter and build an audients through e-mail list. You have to use this service like I use to build my e-mail list.
  • OptinSkin: The premium e-mail opt-in form that integrates with Aweber to build e-mail list in our website. I use it at the right-side widget under my product’s widget, the bottom of my posts, fly-in e-mail opt-in form and also on my free-ebook page that I use in kindle eBook.