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After your WordPress website is up and running. Next step is quality contents. Mostly niche site doesn’t need many contents.  For me, my niche site is applied for physical products on amazon. So I have to be part of Amazon Affiliate. You can just sign-up with no cost. I’m still learning techniques for SEO, which on-page SEO and off-page SEO. So right now, I will share only how I build niche site. But I won’t share the real URL of my niche site, due to I might be attacked by negative-SEO. I’m not sure for this, so I have to protect myself first. I hope you get my point!

OK, today I will share about how to find cheap and unique articles for our niche site. Well, if you want to write these articles yourself. That’s OK. But for me, I don’t have much time to do it myself. So I decided to outsource all articles for my niche site.

Template of High-quality & Cheap Contents For Your Niche Site

Since my niche site is based on physical products on amazon. So I need contents that catch my readers. This content should be related to physical products reviews, which provide the reader or someone who looking for information with what they need, and the information they never knew they wanted. From my experiences, the contents will be around 500 – 750 words long each, describing the profitable products in our niche site area, including product’s specification, what they are used for and etc.

The best way to get things done without waste your time is creates an article template that you can follow each time you outsource your articles, for example:

  • Product Name (Include main keyword for each article.)
  • Product Features (What does it do?)
  • Product Review (How does it work?)
  • Product Information (Specification)
  • Call to action (Why you want to buy it!)

The cost for each article depends on these criteria, including where you outsource your contents, how many words you want, how high-quality you need and how big of a budget you have.

For a 500 – 700 words article, you are going to pay around $5 – $10 per article. If you negotiate properly, you can get that price down to perhaps $2 – $5 per article.

Where To Find Outsource For Your Content Creation

The Content Authority (TCA): TCA provides a bevy of writers with varying talent levels who are capable of providing quality review content at an affordable price. You can provide keywords, guidelines, and expectations to your directions and their writers will follow your submission carefully. Log on to this site to open an account and to discover the talent behind the scenes.

Elance: Elance is a great freelance site that will bring you everything from writers to website designers and beyond. Pricing is negotiable, and the contract employees bid for your work, so you are always getting the best price on their site. Go to this site to receive more information about their writers, and how their payment structure works to make an informed decision.

Fiverr.com: At Fiverr, everything is only five bucks. You can hire a writer in a matter of seconds once you have opened an account, although the turn times may vary. Check with the site for their exact terms and conditions before proceeding with their available options, just to be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Odesk.com: Odesk is also a great freelance site like Elance.com, which you can control your budget. First you need to create the work contract between you and freelancers, wait for their bid, choose someone you like, and then start to work.  Check out this site for more information about their freelancers, and how their payment structure works to make an informed decision.

Virtual Assistances:  If you want to hire someone permanently for your long-term business. I suggest you use virtual assistance, as we called “VA”.  Your articles would cost only $2 per 500 words article from Filipino writers.  Check out virtualstafffinder.com from Chris Ducker for more information about how they find the great VA for your business.

Final Thought

I think the readers enjoy something FUN! So this will help them return for more. Just keep in mind that the number one rule in marketing is to know your audience. Your niche market will dictate the tone of your content, and how you reach out to your audience. I hope that this article may help you in some way.

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