How To Find The Right And Cheap Domain Name and Company?

Since last week, I was really sick. I still have an appointment with the doctor for this week and also next week. That’s sound really bad, HAH! Since 2011, I’ve worked almost 7 days a week, including my current 9-5 job and online business stuffs. But all these jobs are something that I really enjoyed. So this year, I’ve changed for a bit. My work is only at office time, no more work at night. Due to I have to balance myself with my work, my health and my family. Work smart doesn’t mean you have to work hard, no more time for your life, your family and friends and no more time for relax. That’s not TRUE. Your health is the most important thing, and so am I.

I decided to reduce some minor project and focused only main project at a time. For example, this month, I have 2 projects, niche site and my 3rd kindle Ebook in online business series. So each week, I have to update at least one blog post, work for niche site and also kindle eBook.

Well, let’s get back to domain name and company.

How To Find The Right Domain Name

Well, finding the right domain name may be one of the hardest parts during your niche site project. This means that finding a short, Exact Match Domain name may be tough. However, with a few tips and tricks that I’ve used, you should be able to work something out.

Why is an Exact Match Domain (EMD) still KING for your niche site? If you believe that you will provide great unique and useful content, along with a powerful SEO strategy, then I’m sure that other internet marketers would think the same thing. So, if you have an EMD domain in your hand, you’re better off!

Tools I’ve Used To Find EMD Domain

I suggest you to read How To Find The Profitable Niche Market first, so you would understand how to find the right keyword. For me, I usually start with Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, which metrics include:

  • 1,500 – 5,000 Local Exact Match Searches per month
  • Around $1.00 Cost Per Click
  • Some Advertisers Competition when you search on Google
  • Medium to High Competition
  • Also lots of related long tail keywords (3-10 words)

Download all related long tail keyword and save in a CSV format. The next step is a bulk domain search.

What Is Bulk Domain Search?

You can search for multiple keywords, from a CSV file, to find the potential unregistered domains that match your keywords. To follow is a list of domain registrar companies that provide URLs at an inexpensive rate and also domain bulk search, and have plenty of customer service options available to walk you through the process, should you have any trouble.

Feel free to check each site independently to see where you can get the best deal, but each of the sites listed are comparable in their offerings, for around $8-$10 a year.

How To Find Coupons & Discounts for Domain Names

Most domain name registrars will usually provide their best price on their homepage, which could include an introductory rate, or a completely free first year if you purchase a domain with their web hosting. Check several sites for the best deal, and look for promotions online.

If you are looking for an actual coupon, try for promotional codes to see who has the best promotion available. It is absolutely recommended that you check the website that is being discounted through these coupon services directly, so you know what you are getting before you agree to the discounted rate. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and your website is not something that should be left to chance. Or you can search through Google, try keyword “Domain Company”+ “promo code” or “coupons code” or “discounts code”.

Well, this is my strategy to find the best and cheapest domain names. I hope that this article will be useful.

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