How To Find The Profitable Niche Market – Right From The Start!

As I told you, I wanted to explain and share what I’ve tested and experienced before. How can people find a really profitable, great niche market? What are the right tools and resources that will help in doing so? What is the key criteria that helps me choose a main keyword?

How To Find The Idea For Niche Market?

Since 2011, I’ve tested, learned and experienced how to build website and blog in many ways, including grey hat. The result was not good for me in the long term; if I want to build something that really matter. This year, since May 2013, I’ve changed and learned for what is really matter for me in the long run as the real online business.

May 2013, I was interested in eBook marketing and eClass marketing. So I chose to study kindle eBook first. As I’ve done for my first, second, third and fourth kindle eBook, which in only 4 months. It was really great, wasn’t it? I never knew how to create kindle eBook from scratch before. But the point is I CAN DO IT. So I’m sure that you can do it too. This is my Kindle eBook Page.

Well, enough for kindle eBook, let’s get back to our niche market.

The question is “How do I find an idea for a niche market?”. You don’t have to think about big things, just something simple or small. And simple is always the best for me.

Ideas For Niche Markets

  • Your Hobbies – For example travelling, reading, sport and etc.
  • Your Jobs – For example professional knowledge.
  • Your Passions – For example writing, freelance and business.
  • Your Family and Friends – They might have great ideas for a niche market but you never knew.
  • Trends – For example news, Google Trends, websites and seasonal.

So you get the idea, right?

Tools and Resources

Suppose that you have an idea but are not sure if it is a good idea. Well, OK, I will guide you through this. The resources that I’ve used to find my profitable niche market are as follows:

Google Trends: When I have an idea, I check with Google Trends first. For example I want to see what’s trending about “coffee maker”. I just put this keyword into the search box and hit enter, and below is the result.

google trend

What do you see in this result? I see a lot of potential for this “coffee maker” market, mostly in the United States. There is a trend that cycles regularly each year and also continuity.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool: I also mentioned this tool in my resources page. This tool has replaced the old Adword Keyword tool. I’m sure that this tool will help you find related keyword ideas and long-tail keyword ideas for your niche site. And it’s FREE.  Once you have a Google AdWords account, you can use the service as follows.

From there you will have the option to do the following:

  • Search for New Keyword and Ad Group Ideas
  • Get Search Volume for a List of Keywords
  • Get Traffic Estimates for a List of Keywords
  • Multiply Keyword Lists to Get New Keywords

This system will help you determine what works and what does not, especially in the Search Volume and long-tail keyword ideas. Then I choose “Search for New Keyword and Ad Group Ideas”, enter “coffee maker” and press the “Get ideas” button. Below are the keyword ideas.


You can download and analyze all related keywords in the future.

Market Samurai: I also mentioned this tool in my resources page and it’s quite easy to use. This tool helps me to discover profitable long-tail keywords, with low-competition and SEO analysis. You can get a free trial version before you purchase it. Once you download and install Market Samurai, you can use the program as follows.

  • Open the Program and Create New Project
  • Enter Your “Keyword Idea” and Click Create
  • Select Keyword Research, Enter Your Google Keyword Planner, Select Phrase Length between 3 -10 words, Press “Generate Keywords” button, and then wait for the Result

market samurai

  • Then Select Keyword Analysis


  • Press “Analyze Keywords” and Wait


Then you will see the results that pass “Golden Rules” from Market Samurai and probably one of our “Niche Market”. Find out more about “Golden Rules” and Market Samurai.

I’ve completely given you my entire secret to find the profitable niche market, including tools and resources. I hope that you get an idea.

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