How To Choose The Right WordPress Plugins And Themes

Today I will cover the essential topics that you need to know after you decided to choose WordPress as your niche site engine, with WordPress plugins and themes. If you are an expert in internet marketing or creating websites, you can skip this section. However, I do want to explain this to complete beginners.

OK, let’s jump in these topics!

What Are The Right WordPress Plugins?

A niche site is small site, so you only need important plugins. You don’t have to install many plugins to serve your needs. This is a BAD idea for your niche site and causes a slow load time. Plugins are WordPress components that add specific features to your website.

Below are the most important plugins that I’ve used in my niche sites.

All-In-One SEO Pack Plugins

This plugin provides everything you could need to get your search engine optimization underway, optimizing your site for the search engines automatically. The benefits are practically innumerable! If you are a beginner, you will not have to understand advanced technology or setup the plugin yourself. It is completely automated to get the best possible results right away. The best part is that it is free! Here is the link to download it:

Digg Digg (Social Media Plugins)

I like the style of this plugin as a floating “Share Bar” which allows you to display all of the popular social media buttons in a single space and allow readers to easily share your niche site’s articles with their friends. This floating “Social Media Share Bar” also shows a counter next to the logo to inform your readers how many times it has been Liked on Facebook, Tweeted on Twitter, or Plus One-d on Google+ and MORE!

Digg Digg is free plugin, and can be downloaded at

If you want to know more about “Social Media Plugins” that will help you promote your blog posts, check out my book 10 Social Media Marketing Tips.

Google Analytics Plugin (For Visitors Tracking Purpose)

Google Analytics allows you to access and track the metadata on your site by providing information on how many people have seen which posts, by a certain author, category or type effortlessly. This will allow you to cater to those people using their information, by understanding where most people spend their time on your site. This is incredibly important for when you are ready to start advertising, so you can put all of the right messages in the right places!

Spam Free WordPress

Spam Free WordPress allows you to prevent spam posts on your niche site. This plugin is free and here is the link:

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

I like the style of this plugin as displaying “Related Contents or Posts” from my niche site. Not only my niche site that I’ve used this plugin, but also my blog too. This plugin is one of the most widely used “Related Contents” plugins in the world of WordPress. It is a free plugin, and can be downloaded at

WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache Plugin will reduce the load on the web host’s servers, allowing transactions and abundant traffic to move through the site effortlessly, without overloading. This is an important plugin because the last thing you don’t want; during thousands of people visit your niche site, is your niche site has crashed. WP Super Cache is also free plugin, and can be downloaded at

Contact Form 7 Plugin

For me, I always use a static page as the first page when the readers come to my niche site. So Contact Form 7 is important for me, as it allows me to add a contact form to the static page. It is also easy to use and allows you to create a perfectly unique form that requests only the information you need.

Contact Form 7 is also free, and can be downloaded at

Find WordPress Themes For Your Niche Site The Right Way

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your niche site is completely your choice. One of the best Premium Theme that I’ve used is Genesis Theme.

Genesis is more than a theme, it is a framework that brings your niche site to the next level and is perfect for the novice or professional website.

Here are some of Genesis’ highlights, which will immediately have you jumping for joy when you realize the amount of actions it automatically delivers:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive HTML 5 Design
  • Unlimited Everything (support, updates and even domains you can build on!)
  • Airtight Security
  • Instant Updates
  • Customizable & Fast
  • Widgets & Layout Options
  • Responsive, Trustworthy Developers

This Premium Theme is worth the price. Find out why many online website use the genesis design framework for WordPress.

Genesis Beautiful Pro Theme

Well, this is my WordPress Plugins and Themes that I’ve used for niche site. I hope that you could get the most benefits with these topics for your niche site.

I will update my blog every week, so you just come back and check it out! See you next week!

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