My October 2014 Monthly and Traffic Report

This report is going to be different from previous reports that I shared with you. I realize that there are many readers from Thailand and other country that followed my blog. I’m starting in the blogging journey only 1 year. But before that, I’ve been working in the internet marketing over 3 years. This year I found lots of bloggers from Thailand and also from other countries during mastermind that I attended last month. Well, from now on, I’ll not go down exactly in my income & expense. But I’ll share with you what’s happening each month with my online journey.

The reason why I do this:

  • To keep track and help me focus for currently important projects each month.
  • To improve productivity, but not to stress for myself each month.
  • To inspire you to start your own online business.
  • To share key successes and failures during each month that I’ve experienced.

Ok. Let’s see, my report!

What was happening in October?

Mastermind Group, Empire Flipper Workshop & DCBKK

dcbkk1If you don’t know. I’m working full time with 9-5 job and doing some online projects in the evening and weekend. So mostly, I’m working only 10 – 15 hrs/week for online projects. I still need to make more stable income from online projects before quiz my job. I do have plans to quiz my job, but not within next year. 5-year from now is reasonable for me to quiz my job. So last month, I was extremely  busy with stuffs around me. Anyway, I had a lot of experiences of new friends around the world that I was met last month during the empire flipper workshop and DCBKK.

This was the first time that I attended the mastermind meeting and workshop like this. I met Joe & Justin from EmpireFlippers. They were absolutely helpful & gave me all information how to sell & buy website through their market. Thanks a lot guys for your information. They’re the man I trusted to do buying & selling website.


I also met Tung from When I was starting my first niche website, I decided to buy some link building service from him. And that was the first time we met. Well, we talked a lot and we were thinking the same thing. If you want to stay longer in the world of SEO and not affected by google update, you need to be an authority in your niche. Next year, I have planned to build 2 authority sites, Thai & English. I’ll reveal my website, when I’m ready. So please stay tuned!


I joined DynamitCircle  in September this year and decided to join DCBKK. And this was the best event and mastermind group that I’ve ever joined. If you’re working from home or anywhere in the world and you need friends. I would recommend this group for you. You’ll get tons of information and friends.


Niche Site Update

Well, niche sites, with white-hat technique, still work fine after Google Update. I didn’t have much to update on this. I still need to update link building & do a guest posting for all niche sites.

Launched the 2nd Info-Product (Thai eBook)

This was the second time I wrote an eBook in Thai Language. I did everything exactly like I was explaining in this post. This book was sold over 60 copies and made around $2000 with just 10 days after I launched the product. I really impressed with the result.

Key Successes in October 2014

Mastermind meeting, Empire Flipper Workshop & DCBKK

Continue link-building campaign for Niche Site #2-3

Launched my 2nd Info-Product (eBook) with over 60 copies sold and made around $2000

Published 2 post for this blog, September’s Income Report and Keyword Research Service

Published 1 posts for Passive Income Blog (Thai Language)

Goals and Plans for November

Build more links into niche site #2 & #3.

Find some keyword packages & launch my Keyword Research Service & Sale-Page

Publish 30 articles on Authority Site (Monetize with Adsense first)

Learn more about SEO and tools

Outline my next kindle ebook

Final Thought

Every step I learned during the online journey is not easy. If you are a newbie and suddenly reading my blog and you want to start your own online journey. It’s not easy, but it’s not too hard to start this journey. You need passion, time, knowledge and investment to start your own business. There is no button that you once click and you’ll get rich overnight. It’s totally a scam. So keep going and I want to say thank you for all of your support, please stay tuned for the next update on this blog. I appreciate all you guys, wish you all the best and see you next post!


About the Author Raweewan M

Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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  • NICE!!! Great round up Raweewan, thanks for coming out to DCBKK !!

    • Thanks Dan for being here. I’m glad to be part of DC. They’re so many awesome people in DC. 🙂

  • peeko

    Just found your blog Raweewan through the Mastery, and this your new income report format. Looking forward to future updates!

    • Hi Peeko, nice to meet you. Add me on the mastery, so we could talk sometime. 🙂





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