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My Jun 2014 Income and Traffic Report

Welcome to my 5th monthly report for 2014!

This is the 5th time of my income and traffic report. There are lots of changes and project’s progress in each month. I just wanted to share a detailed report of what I’ve done and everything that I’ve learned from the previous month. And everything that was going on with my online business stuffs, income, expenses and traffic through Be Rich and Rich Journey! I hope that this report would be an inspiration for you to get started your own online business and make it’s happened.

The reason why I do this:

  • To keep track and help me focus for currently important projects each month.
  • To improve productivity, but not to stress for myself each month.
  • To inspire you to start your own online business.
  • To share key successes and failures during each month that I’ve experienced.

Ok. Let’s move on to Jun’s report!

What was happening in Jun?

Built the first link-building campaign for My 2nd Niche Site

As I wrote all details in this post, NS2 Update:Link Building Resources. I started the first link building campaign from 2 companies, RankCrew and The Hoth. I didn’t see any result yet, since I just applied all these campaigns around the end of Jun. After I had completed the link building course from Point Blank SEO. I was thinking about buying high PR links from premium SEO service. I wasn’t sure with this, maybe in July.


Finished the First Draft of My 6th Kindle eBook

My first draft of this eBook wasn’t completed yet. But It was more than 95% and I really satisfied with it. I need to add more contents, proofread and ebook cover. However, I will not disclose information about the book now until It’ll release.

Received ITIN number from an IRS

After 5 months of applied period, finally I’ve got an ITIN number from an IRS. Since I’ve been living in Thailand for whole my life and not a US citizen. So I need this number to reduce my tax from 30% to 5% based on the tax rate between Thailand and US.


Unsatisfied with my VA

Since I mentioned this in my previous income report. I tried hiring a VA to build some white-hat links. But to tell you the truth, I wasn’t satisfied with the result at all. She didn’t understand what I wanted. I was sure that I gave her the clear instruction. We talked over Skype, I was explaining everything she needed to know. But after 2 weeks of the trial period, I decided to end her contract. I was not looking for another VA. I decided to buy link building campaigns from RankCrew and The Hoth instead. Their service made my life more easily and save a lot of time.

Key Successes in Jun 2014

Built the first link-building campaign for my 2nd niche site.

Published two in-depth articles which over 3000-words each for my 1st niche site.

Finished the first draft of my 6th Kindle eBook.

After 5 months of applied period, finally I’ve got an ITIN number from an IRS.

Published 3 posts for this blog, May’s Income Report, NS2 Update: Link Building Resources, Outsourcing & Way to go and How I have fun with my online projects.

Published 3 posts for Passive Income Blog (Thai Language)

Key Failures in Jun 2014

Failed to publish 4 posts on this blog, complete only 3 posts that I mentioned in key successes.

Failed to find a VA for my link-building project that I mentioned above.

Now the time of Numbers

Visitors Statistics

My blog daily traffic was increased, which 50% from Thailand and almost 50% from the US. I didn’t have time to put more blog posts in each week. This month I published 6 blog posts, 3 on this blog and 3 for Thai blog. I had fun with writing. So it was not a big deal to publish all blog posts.


I wasn’t sure why my niche site traffic was decreased. So I tried to put more in-depth review articles, which over 3000 words each. After a few days, traffic was increased. So useful contents was still working. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on this niche site’s traffic.


Most Popular Content

My 4th Income report was in #1 position this month. I’m a kind of person who enjoy the other’s income report.  Because these reports include lots of useful content and their thought and progress with their online business. That’s why I’m not surprised about this. The second position was NS2 Update.


Income Breakdown (Jun 2014)

Disclosure: below links are affiliate links. So if you purchase any services and products through these links, I will get a commission and I really appreciate it. If you have any questions about each service and products below, please let me know!

Jun 2014 Earnings:

Hostgator: $0 (check out my tutorial)

WPEngine: $0 (check out my tutorial)

Market Samurai: $0 (check out my tutorial)

Genesis Framework: $0 (check out my tutorial)

Optin Skin: $0

Aweber: $0

Amazon Affiliate (Niche Website – Jun 2014): $190.10 (-2.5)


Kindle eBooks Revenue: $169.7 (+55.7)


Print-books Revenue: $270.85 (+135.49)

Passive Income With ebook (Thai Language): $380

Easy first $Dollar German Version Revenue: $11.25

Misc Affiliate Revenue: $28.28

Gross Total in Jun 2014: $1021.9 (-46.62)

Jun 2014 Expenses: (Below is what was paid last month.):

Outsource for Contents: $52.8

Hiring VA: $110

Link Building Campaign: $205 (for niche sites #1 and #2)

Paid for affiliate: $38

WPEngine for this blog: $29

Hostgator: $19.9

Aweber: $19

Total Expenses for Jun 2014: $473.7  (+29.8)

Net Total in Jun 2014: $548.2 (-76.42)

It’s quite fun when I write each blog post, especially income report for each month. I see my progress, project’s success and failure. So I can keep track what’s going on with my online business and life. You need many things in life, not just work. You need family, friends, inspiration and motivation. So you can keep going with your life. I like to travel. This is one of my inspiration and motivation that push me toward my online business goals. If you have more money and time. I encourage you to travel the world. Then you will know that we are too small when compared to this world.

Somewhere in Tokyo

Somewhere in Tokyo

I’m so happy with income stream through “Passive Income Projects”. This month, it was increased from Kindle eBooks and print-books revenues while niche site revenue was consistency. All previous projects are truly making money for me every day.

Goals and Plans for July

Publish 1 post every week on Be Rich and Rich Journey and Passive Income’s Blog (Thai Language).

Continue study private blog network course and have a plan.

Complete keyword research for niche site #3 and outsource some contents.

Finish and launch my 6th Kindle eBook.

Final Thought

This is the first income report that over 1200 words. I hope that you enjoy my blog and keep coming back every week. If you have anything to share with me, please leave comments below. I want to say thank you for all of your support, please stay tuned for the next update on this blog. I appreciate all you guys, wish you all the best and see you next week!

Cheers!  🙂

About the Author Raweewan M

Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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  • Amazing… I am planning to apply for an ITIN. Do you know any good guides/reference/articles? It sucks when we have to give away 30% as TAX to the IRS.

  • Once again an awesome report! Congrats…May I know the essential of ITIN from IRS? Is that mandatory for all non-residential USA citizens who are earning from an USA entity?

  • Joe

    Good report. Sounds like you’ve been busy.

    Did you get anywhere with the teespring stuff?


    • Hi Joe. How’s going with your teespring stuff? Yeah, I’ve been quite busy lately, so just stopped teespring for a while.

      • Joe

        Yes I stopped too as it was taking up too much time.

  • Awesome progress Raweewan! Good job. I had no idea non-US residents had to deal with the IRS. What a pain in the butt! Dang government thinks they own the whole world.

    I have no idea what conversion rates are like US to Thailand. Does the money you’re earning equate to pretty good money over there?

    • Hi Matthew
      It’s quite a lot when they reduce my income 30%. But now it’s only 5%! That’s good for me.
      Yeah, the money I’m earning is pretty good here. You can live in Bangkok with spend only $500 – $800 a month. But I need more money to grow my business and travel to somewhere. So how about your business lately? Your keyword packages seem pretty good, right?

      • Yeah, my business is steadily growing still. Haven’t been posting on my blog as much, but have been working a lot on my niche sites and PBN. And yes, the keyword packages are still selling quite well.





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