My Aug 2015 Monthly Report


Hey guys! Hope this post is not too late to update what I did last month!

So welcome to Aug 2015 Monthly Report here at Be Rich and Rich! Why I publish these reports? I want to document my on-going projects, my successes and failures each month. So I can keep track and show you what works and what doesn’t work. I’m still not an expert in this industry. I can tell you that I’ve learned a lot from my experience each month, since first day of my life in the world of internet marketing and online business. I’ve worked around 15-20 hours per week for my project. But I haven’t done all the tasks myself. I’ve hired many freelancers and VA to help me finish all the tasks. For me, I’ve focused only the core strategy of each project, for example kindle eBook market research, keyword & product research for authority site and product research for drop-ship & amazon seller business (Since, this is still the beginning of a new project, so I haven’t been much update on this project and I’ve done all the tasks myself).

In my opinion, you need a team to help you achieve the goal. You cannot do it by yourself. Let me give you an idea, I have a fiction eBook project that I’ve published on kindle marketplace. And I cannot do all the tasks by myself. I’m a terrible fiction writer. So I need the professional ghost writer who can write well and fun fictions, proofread and edit, eBook cover designer and book promoter. This team helps me achieve the goal I want each month. That’s why I can publish 5 short-story fictions with less than 2 months.

OK, let’s see the update last month!

Fiction Project: How I made $400 in 30 days from 4 fiction eBooks

If you read my Jun-July Monthly Report, I wrote about the beginning of this project and the result was really good start. So last month, I published 4 fiction eBooks and the result totally blew me away. It was awesome! I made around $200 from units sold and around $200 from KENP. The Amazon US, and UK store were showing as picture below.


Amazon US store


Amazon UK store

And below was the result form one of fiction that I published last month. You might wonder what the total cost of this fiction eBook was. It was just $100 for this eBook. It was awesome, right? So an overall cost of 4 fictions was paid off under one month. And from now on, I can make a profit from these fictions with no cost at all. Since, it is free to upload eBook to kindle marketplace and I will get 70% of royalty fee for every eBook sold.


Authority Site
Well, there was not update on this website, since I was just starting the link-building campaign and social media marketing. For this website, I’ve hired 2 writers to write the articles. I’ll update you guys later for this site. Below was the traffic of the site, which only 3-5 visitors per day!

Kindle eBook Workshop

It was the 4th Kindle eBook Workshop that I was held this year. It was only 10 people in this workshop. And it was fun every time I had a chance to meet you guys and learned from you. Hope to see you guys soon for my last workshop this year in November 2015.

Goals and Plans for Sep 2015

Publish 3 or more Fiction eBooks

Publish print-on-demand book from the first series of fiction.

Test new kindle promotion method for Fiction eBook

Build more link-building campaign for Authority Site

Add more products into a new Internet Marketing Project

Publish more blog posts on this blog and Thai’s blog.

August was another good month for me. Since I was testing new strategies to publish kindle eBook and the result was really good. To tell you the truth, it was beyond my expectation. I was working less when compare this month with July, but my total income streams were much better. Now, it’s only 4 months to the end of the year, and my goals are quite still the same, some might be changed. But overall is still the same. I would preferred work hard today and see the benefit later. It might not a big profit per month from one fiction eBook or one niche website. But if I have more eBooks and more website and each one has profited for me each month without any work required. So what do you think?

Well, that’s all I did last month. Hope you enjoy my article and see you next post!

Cheers!  🙂


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