My April 2014 Income and Traffic Report

Welcome to my third monthly report for 2014!
Today, I’m writing this blog post in Starbucks’s downtown in Chiang Mai before catch my flight back to Bangkok. This is the third time of my income and traffic report. There are lots of changes and project’s progress in each month. I just wanted to share a detailed report of what I’ve done and everything that I’ve learned from the previous month. Also, I will tell you about what is going on with my online business stuffs, income, expenses and traffic through Be Rich and Rich Journey! I hope that this report would be an inspiration for you, my reader, to start your own online business and make it’s happened.

The reason why I do this:

  • To keep track and help me focus for currently important projects each month.
  • To improve productivity, but not to stress for myself each month.
  • To inspire you to start your own business.
  • To share key successes and failures during each month that I’ve experienced.

Ok. Let’s jump into this month’s details!

What was happening in April?

Launched My 1st Info Product

After two months of hard work for developing contents, I finished and launched my first info product, “Passive Income with Amazon Kindle”, Thai Language, which step-by-step guide and all resources. I wanted this guide to help all levels of Thai people, especially the beginners start their own passive income from kindle eBooks and print-on-demand books from CreateSpace.  This info product was sold over 70 copies from last month. And I was very happy with the result. You can read all details here – How I Launch My First Info Product.


Key Successes in April 2014

Launched my 1st info product (eBook type).

Published 2 posts for this blog, March’s Income Report and How I Launch My First Info Product.

Had a great trip in Germany & Austria! This was the first trip that I didn’t bring any laptop with me. So I just escaped from everything and had a real 100% vacation and relax, no work at all. I also met my partner, Christian. We had a great dinner together.  This was really an awesome month for every experience.


Published 8 articles in my 2nd niche site.

Key Failures in April 2014

Failed to publish 4 posts on this blog, complete only 2 posts that I mentioned in key successes.

Failed to publish every article in a 2nd niche site.

Now the time of Numbers

Visitors Statistics

My blog traffic was decreased due to I published only 2 posts last month. There are 772 unique visitors until today. Well, if I want more visitors to come to my website, I need to put more valuable blog posts for this blog.


In the other hand, my niche site traffic has increased. There are 100 – 120 unique visitors a day. As last month, I was doing nothing in this site. So I want to say that I’m really happy with this niche site


Most Popular Content

My second income report turned out to be #1 position this month as people wanted to know how other earned their income stream through online business. The second position was how I launch my first info product.


Income Breakdown (April 2014)

Disclosure: below links are affiliate links. So if you purchase any services and products through these links, I will get a commission and I really appreciate it. If you have any questions about each service and products below, please let me know!

April 2014 Earnings:

Hostgator: $0 (check out my tutorial)

WPEngine: $0 (check out my tutorial)

Market Samurai: $0 (check out my tutorial)

Genesis Framework: $0 (check out my tutorial)

Optin Skin: $0

Aweber: $0

Amazon Affiliate (Niche Website – April 2014): $186.61 (-4.61)


Kindle eBooks Revenue: $129.63 (-49.69)

Print-books Revenue: $148.13 (-31.19)

Info Product’s Revenue: $1509

Easy first $Dollar German Version Revenue: $0

Misc Affiliate Revenue: $45.03

Gross Total in February 2014: $2018.4 (+1314.26)

April 2014 Expenses: (Below is what was paid last month.):

Paid for affiliate: $304

Premium WordPress Theme: $33

NameCheape: $10

WPEngine for this blog: $29

Hostgator: $19.9

Aweber: $19

Total Expenses for April 2014: $414.9 (+259.95)

Net Total in April 2014: $1603.5 (+1054.28)

My income from “Passive Income Projects” are quite consistent from a niche site. But Kindle eBooks and print-books revenue are decreased. Since I didn’t do anything much with these projects from the previous months due to I was on my vacation and busy launched my first info product.  Anyway, last month, total revenues were increased from info product’s revenue. I really wanted to share with you that making my first info product was freaking FUN! 🙂

Goals and Plans for May

Publish 1 post every week on Be Rich and Rich Blog and Passive Income’s Blog (Thai Language).

Launch a new niche website – publish all articles and ready to test new backing strategy.

Test a new online case study – I’ll reveal this case study when the time comes. 🙂

Final Thought

What’s going on with your business lately? Has anything to ask, to comment, or to share with me? Please write your thought below. And before you go, I want to say thank you for all of your support, please stay tuned for the next update on this blog. I appreciate all you guys, wish you all the best and see you next week!

Cheers!  🙂

About the Author Raweewan M

Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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  • When you say info products revenue, where are you promoting them? Via ?

    • No, this info product is Thai language. So I promote the product via my facebook account, my friends and affiliate marketers.

  • Thanks for this great income report. It was real motivating. I am also trying to start new niche website. For now can you suggest me some tips for

  • i stumbled upon your site via my search for “amazon affiliate income report”. I must say your growth is very inspiring. I wish I was as motivated as you!

    • Thanks Aaron! Hope you come back here every week. 🙂

  • Hey got to your blog through SPI.. You are doing a good job here keep it moving.

  • I love it when people give us hard data instead of shying away from it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • nice work, great income for your niche site!





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