My 2014 Income Report: How Much I’ve Earned from Online Business

Financial year 2014This is already the second week of January and I think it’s still not too late to say “Happy New Year 2015” to all of you, my friends. This is the first post of 2015 and I want to wrap-up all income reports that I’ve earned in 2014. Last year I did writing income report from January until September, you might check out the monthly’s report for more details. After that I decided do not publish my income report anymore, just monthly’s report instead. Why I changed my mind? I knew that people wanted to know how others made their online stream and saw real number. But I wanted to keep a few numbers of online income with myself. So I decided to publish monthly’s report instead.

Every time I publish the monthly’s report, I can also look at how my business is growing year after year. My online income comes from various sources of products, mostly self-publishing, affiliate commissions from niche websites and my own digital product sales on Thai’s blog and this blog. OK, let’s see how much I’ve got.

Self-Publishing (Amazon Kindle & CreateSpace)

My first online income stream is selling kindle eBooks & Print-on-demand books by CreateSpace. Below is kindle revenue from US & UK only.

Kindle Earning



CreateSpace Earning


If you don’t know. These income streams are auto-pilot every month. After I published the contents, did some promotions and let the profit run. So overall profits were a total of $3071.19 on 2014, which over $255 per month. It was not bad for me, because these income streams came to me every month with auto-pilot while I actually did something else or even slept.

Amazon Affiliate Revenue


Niche websites are one of my income streams. These websites, mostly monetize with the Amazon affiliate program. But I do have another niche website that monetized with other affiliate programs. The picture above shows revenue from one of my niche websites that I wrote on this blog as a niche site case study.

Revenue from niche sites are also auto-pilot every month. A roughly profit was around a total of $3600 of 2014, which $300 per month. So $3600 a year is not bad for a completely auto-pilot income stream, right?

Other Affiliate Revenue

Hostgator: $100 (check out my tutorial)

WPEngine: $200 (check out my tutorial)

Market Samurai: $45 (check out my tutorial)

Long-tail Pro: $84.48 (on BFD)

MythemeShop: $18 (on BFD)

Genesis Framework: $0 (check out my tutorial)

Optin Skin: $0

Aweber: $0

Totals: $447.48

The other revenue from affiliate programs, mostly comes from this blog. When I started this blog in October 2013. I didn’t intend to make money from this blog. I just wanted to share my knowledge, experience throughout online business and made this blog as a brand. So people can remember and know my brand. But somehow after a year, this blog made me some extra money and I was really impressed with it. I hope that this blog will have more readers this year.

Information Products


My 2 eBooks (Thai Language) were sold really well on Thai’s blog, which I also wrote in this post, how I launched my first info product. First one was how to publish with amazon kindle & CreateSpace platform and the second one was how to build a niche site from scratch. This year I earned around $4500 from these eBooks. To tell you the truth, I still couldn’t believe that these books were sold really well.

Keyword Package for Sale


I launched this service and changed my theme on November last year, which I explained in this post, How I Turn My Blog into Digital Online Store. So the keyword package was sold only 1 package in 2014 and I made around $127 within 24 hours after the sale-page was launched. If you want to build your amazon niche site and don’t know how to find great keywords yourself or you don’t have time to find it yourself. Check out my keyword packages for sale before it’s gone. There are only 3 packages left for sale, SO HURRY UP! J

Keyword Research & Competition Analysis Workshop (Thai Language)

I decided to open first keyword research workshop in Bangkok. The reason was I got a lot of questions how to find the great keywords, how to find backlinks and how to do the competition analysis. And sometimes, I just couldn’t make them understand the answer through Facebook chat box. So I decided to open the small group of 10 people and coached them from the ground up. I earned around $1000 from coaching one group. And I want to say that coaching is one of my favorite things that I really enjoy. This year, I will be coaching only 1 group, which only 2-3 people per month. So I can give them the most benefit out of my coaching.

Conclusion with $12,745 in 2014

So 2014, I earned a total around $12,745, which over 70% of income streams were auto-pilot. And the earnings will continue to flow in my pocket with auto-pilot every month while I still have time to create more digital products for sale, and I will definitely do it this year as I wrote in this post and go on.

So, trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too!

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About the Author Raweewan M

Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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