My Goals for an Upcoming Year – 2014 (eBooks, Mobile Apps, Mini Marathon and Backpacker)

Rawee M.Winter is coming and I’m back again. Well, Bangkok is still HOT. But sometime I can feel for what we call “winter” too. This month, weather is around 29 – 31 Celsius on average.  And I see a lot of tourists here, such a great season.

Actually, I want to write about “Link Building Strategy for Niche Site”, that I’m working on it and it talks a lot of times before the results come out. I think I will cover this topic by next month. This would be better, right?

Today I will tell you what I will do for an Upcoming Year – 2014. Do you have any plans or projects for an upcoming year, 2014? Since 2011, I’ve done some projects in online business. But I never planned before.  So I’ve changed a lot in this year and also next year.

Let’s say, I’m not an expert in many fields that I really want to try and do it myself.  But the most important thing is I’m not give up. So I start reading many blogs from famous bloggers and listening to many podcasts from them too. Mostly I like the way of Pat Flynn, from, do for his online business.  His strategy is being everywhere.  It’s sound amazing, RIGHT?

OK, Let’s get back to our plan!

My Plan For 2014

Self-Publishing – This year 2013, I took almost 6 months publish 3 series of books, 5 children books, 1 weight loss book and 3 online business books. I found that the most profitable market is making money online books, which from my own experiences.  So next year, I will be focusing on self-publishing like this year. I hope that I can write and publish a book every 2 months.  Next year will be only online business series from my real experiences. I will share epic tutorial “how to become a self-publishing” in my blog too after I’ve done for epic tutorial “niche site project”. And I also promise to bring you the great contents. So wait and see!

Mobile Applications – December 2013, I have plans to learn “how to make mobile app without coding”. I will start from android apps first then continue to iPhone & iPad apps. This project would be another passive income for me.

Hopefully Udemy eClass – Since May 2013, I was interested in eBook marketing and eClass marketing.  But I didn’t have time to do both due to my current 9-5 job. So I decided to choose only eBook marketing. Next year hopefully I have time to do eClass for Udemy.  Since I really enjoyed learning Udemy eClass . And I promise to bring you the great course. Trust Me!

Mini Marathon – I’m FAT! Hahaha! That’s why I decide to change my life and have a plan for mini marathon. I need to exercise at least 30 -60 minutes a day. But it’s really boring if I think only how to lose weight every day. So I change my mind and plan for something more exciting instead. You can walk and run, right? Me too! I like to walk so much. I walk from my office to my home every day. It takes about 30-60 minutes, within 2-4 km. Then I would walk and run faster in the end. Starting with one Mini Marathon in the 3rd quarter of 2014.

Backpacker – Well, I like to travel as a backpacker. I’ve been travelling for 1-2 countries every year since I was graduated from my collage. My dream is travel around the world, but I cannot do it at once. So I decide to travel 1-2 countries each year instead. Next year, I have plans for Germany and Austria, especially Romantic Road, within April 2014. I’m sure that this trip would be fun. I will share my trip through my blog too. So where are you going next year? And what is your plan? Please tell me!

Final thought

Before share your plans, my latest book just lived this week. It will be FREE this weekend, NOV 23-24, 2013. You can download from this link “Easy WordPress Blogging For Beginners“. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Easy WordPress Blogging For Beginners

So, what is your plan for 2014?

I hope you have some plans in your mind right now!!! It should be FUN!!!

Let’s share your plans with me, by commenting below.


About the Author Raweewan M

Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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  • Just reviewed your ebook on Amazon UK. Great piece of work and long may your online writing continue. From one Amazon author to another – Well Done.

    • RM

      Hi Steven
      Thank you for great comment. I will continue writing as much as I can. From one Author to another.
      Anyway, welcome to my blog!

      Raweewan M.

  • Donna White

    Sounds like you have some really great goals. Good luck with all of them.
    I will be watching for more of your books.

    • RM

      Hi Donna
      Thank you so much that you visited my blog. Yeah, Good Luck for you too. I just published new book about WordPress Blogging and wait for some result. Hope you enjoy my book and contents in my blog.
      Raweewan M.

  • Suresh

    Hi Raweewan! I came to your blog through another niche site and looks like you’re doing very well job here. I’m also at the starting point of creating niche sites and my first site is live now. I need your suggestion on “how to make mobile app without coding”. Do you have any books written by you for this one or do you suggest any website for this? You’re guidance is highly appreciated.

    • Hi Suresh, I’m sorry for very late reply. I just came back from my long vacation and was busy with launched my first info product. Well, I don’t have any book written about mobile app topic. But I think you can apply for mobile app platform and create mobile app without coding, maybe check out this article: Hope this help! 🙂

      • Suresh

        Thank you RM! I hope this will be very useful to me!





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