How To Build an Email List From Kindle Free Day


I’ve been quite busy for a while with my latest Kindle eBook. I was mentioned of this project’s progress here and here. And I can say that I know a lot about what I do. I’ve been building a few of amazon affiliate niche websites for a while. I know how to do market research, keyword research, how to build a niche website from scratch, how to build many kinds of backlinks, including while-hat and gray-hat. You might want to check out tutorial for more details, “how to build a niche site from scratch”.

Last year, I wrote this guide in Thai language. And I decided to work with translator, ghost writer and myself to bring this guide in English language. This project took time for a while before everything is done this month, including kindle version and print-on-demand version. You can check out this link for more details.

After my book is lived on May 4. I decided to do free promotion on May 11-12. Before I mentioned how the result of the book’s promotion. I want you to know my background for a bit. I’ve been self-publishing over 2 years. I think I was starting the same time with niche website. I also wrote another tutorial a while ago, “how to become a self-publishing”. So I’m pretty know a lot about what I do. Anyway, you need to learn every day, especially in the online world. Technology is changing so fast. Me too, I need to learn all the time, for example new business ideas and new techniques.

Tools I’ve used to Launch the Campaign

I’ve been building an email list for a while from the blog, kindle eBook and information products. Overall email subscription has around 300 emails. And it took around 1-2 years without spending with any kind of advertising. This time, I wanted to do something different. Before the time of free day came. I decided to build the landing page and launch the campaign with these tools below:

  • Landing Page – Easy template from ThriveTheme, which I’ve used it for a while and it has tons of landing-page template, which easy for me to use, just drag and drop. I would say that this theme is good for blog, website and any kind of landing-page that you would imagine!


  • Opt-in form – Same as above, easy opt-in template from ThriveTheme
  • Email Service & Follow-up – Email list were using Aweber service, which you can try only $1 for the first month!

The Time of Number

I was promoted the landing page and campaign with my Facebook account, Facebook Fan Page and only one FB Ads with I spent around $10 for the campaign during kindle free day. And the result was awesome!

  • Total 160++ email subscription
  • Amazon Best Sellers #2 in Web Marketing, with Top 100 Free


  • Total 300++ Downloads in 2 Days


  • And the book was sold 1-3 copies per day after free day had finished.


And my print-on-demand book has just gone live last week, which 2 copies were sold on that day. And it was totally awesome for me. Next month, I will do the book promotion with and I’ll let you know how it will go.

Well, this post is quite short. Since I want to update with you guys what’s going on with me now and I want to say thank you for all of your support, please stay tuned for the next update on this blog and see you next post!

Cheers! 🙂

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Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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