Have FUN And Stay Focused With Your Online Projects

have-fun-with-your-online-projectsA lot of my friends, they are making money online on various projects. Some might work as a solo entrepreneur with or without VA, while the other work with their partners, friends or family. I’m also a solo entrepreneur, which sometime working with outsourcers and VA, and have a 9-5 job. So each week, I have lots of things that I need to be done. As you know, I’m not a super girl and not intended to be the super-hero syndrome. The TRUTH is sometime I get bored with my online projects. I get distracted easily with Facebook and social media when I need to get things done. It happens more often, even when I sit down and write this blog post.

That’s why today I want to share with you a few tips that I’ve used to stay focused with my online projects.

Know yourself.

Know what you need to be done each day. Know your schedule and priority of each task. Since I have both a 9-5 job and online business as a side business. So during day time is my company time, while in the evening and weekend are my online business time.

Start the day with happiness

Make yourself happy before the start day. So you can make your task more concentrate and easily. I usually have a cup of coffee before start the day, it makes me happy and ready to do my work.


Make a list and do the difficult tasks first.

I usually have a plan for each year, then break-down my plan into month and week respectively. Mostly I have only 2 projects per year, which this year is self-publishing and niche websites. When I choose each project plan, I usually ask myself first, is it going to be fun? If I answer myself, Yes, then I pick this project. And I don’t want myself to be overwhelmed by so many projects. I think it’s not going to be fun, if you have so many tasks in your head and you cannot complete all these tasks. That’s why I choose the projects that I’m interested, learned and have planned for myself. After I truly know what inside each project, I start planning and break-down tasks into month and week respectively.  So everyday, I usually start with the most difficult task, focus and complete it, then have a little break with something fun, after that start with the next one and do the same thing until the end of the day. I can say that this is becoming my normal routine.

Have fun with your tasks.

As I tell you, I’m choosing each online project based on if it’s going to be FUN for me. If you start with something fun, then you’re not boring and getting distracted easily, Trust me! This is from my real experience.

Eliminate things that distract you.

I’m a social media addicted, especially Facebook. So when I need to get things done. I’m getting distracted quite easily with Facebook. How I eliminate these things is telling myself that when I’ve done this task. I’ll have a break with something FUN. It sounds difficult to control yourself, but sometimes you need to make yourself a little happy after you’ve had an accomplishment toward your goal.


No need to be stressed.

Why I do online business? The 9-5 job is quite boring for me. And I want more money to travel the world each year. Let’s say, I’m starting with something FUN, which travelled the world. And I don’t want myself to be stressed out everyday and have fun only when I’m travelling. That’s why I choose online projects that I think It’s going to be FUN for me, not just the money.

Stay focused with current project is key to maintaining success toward our goal. If we’re getting distracted more often and not stay focused, we’re more likely to lose our valuable time and walk away from our project’s goal. I’m using these tips myself when I need to get back on track. So what about you?

Before you go, I want to say thank you for all of your support. You’re so awesome for me.  Please stay tuned for the next update on this blog. I appreciate all you guys, wish you have FUN with your online projects and see you next week!

Cheers! 🙂

About the Author Raweewan M

Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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