Easy First Dollar With Amazon Affiliate – German Language Version

Today I’m writing this post in a nice coffee shop, with great coffee and fast internet.  Bangkok lately is in complicated situation. Anyway, I still love this city so much. Even through, I’ve been travelling to many countries. Thailand is still my home.

Easy First Dollar With Amazon Affiliate German Version

Easy First Dollar With Amazon Affiliate German Version

Today I want to share with you that I have a great chance to work with a nice guy from  Germany, Christian Riegel. Around December last year, we were contacted with each  other via email and worked together until our last book is lived in Amazon Kindle DE Store.

This book is translated from original English version to German version, which will be  released for more online bookstores. He worked very hard and got this book done within 2  weeks. And I’m really appreciated for this. So let me introduce you to my partner and his  work, Christian Riegel.

Dear Readers of Rawee’s Blog,

My name is Christian Riegel, I’m 21 years old and come from Würzburg, Germany.  I’m  currently studying operational business administration in Würzburg and soon  I’ll graduate  with degree in Bachelor of Art. My mother tongue is German, but the  subject in English has  always made me fun at my school. So I understand English  language very well and I  decided to translate the great and interesting book from  Rawee. Well, I’ve always been  interested in Internet-Business and I’ve often deal  with Amazon Affiliate. In my free time I  often think about the question: “How can you be successful through the internet?” Therefore it was pretty simple for me and was made me fun to translate this book into German. How knows? Perhaps I may translate the next book of Rawee. So you have a little overview about my background, who works together with Rawee.

Love Greetings,


So what do you think? In my opinion, surly he will be successful in Internet Business in the future with his passion. For me, how to become successful in Internet Business is believed that I can do and achieve everything, set my plan for the right online business and do everything as best as I can with my goals and business.

I want to share and help you through my tutorials and my experiences, so you can start your own online business. The most important thing is believe in yourself, set your plan to achieve your goals, and No more talk, JUST DO IT!

And these are the link to purchase the book:

Amazon DE : Easy First Dollar With Amazon Affiliate – German Language Version.

Amazon US: Easy First Dollar With Amazon Affiliate – English Language Version.

Amazon UK: Easy First Dollar With Amazon Affiliate – English Language Version.

Final Thought

This week I’m working on 3 projects, first project is 2 children stories that will turn into eBook and mobile app, second project is my next book for online business series and final project is guest posting and article marketing for niche site. I’ll share with you when I have time to write about it. The good news is I will start the next epic tutorials and share with you how to become a self-publishing around next month.

So hope yo u’re going well with everything in your life. And please share your thought & comment below with me. Finally, have a nice day & see you next week!

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Raweewan M is the founder of BeRichAndRich.Com. I loves building online business, affiliate marketer, e-book publishing, travelling and helping other people.

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  • I love Amazon Affiliate links. Probably the easy way for anyone to start making money online.

    • RM

      Yes, me too. It’s the first affiliate program that I was joined, since I started to do online business. 🙂





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